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Old Camphor Tree Natural Fragrant Stick / 100% Pure Natural Refreshing Camphor Wood Deodorant Sticks


Old Camphor Tree Natural Fragrant Stick

Limited Time Offer RM18.00 Original Price RM39.00 You Save 54% Inventory In-Stock, Ship Immediately Item Code WZM-016


Highlights Camphor tree is a large evergreen tree that grows up to 20-30 m tall, it is an expensive & valuable wood for producing quality furniture. WIKI About Camphor Tree

* 100% Pure & Natural, Old Camphor Tree Fragrant Sticks
* Best natural fragrances yet harmless
* Best natural pest repeller
* Great for dehumidifying
* Great for removal of odour
* Natural fragrances last about 3 - 5 years

Product Specifications :
- 5 sticks per pack
- Stick Dimension : 19mm x 19mm x 950mm

Where To Put Camphor Tree Sticks :
Wardrobe, Drawer, Cabinet, Car, Closed Areas, and etc.
*** Dry under the hot sun and trim it if the fragrances vanish after some period.

Why We Sell Only Old Camphor Tree Sticks :
Compare to young Camphor tree, the OLD Camphor natural fragrances will have stronger refreshing fragrances, and the fragrances will last much longer.

How To Differentiate Real & Fake Camphor Sticks :
Real & natural fragrance of Camphor sticks will slowly vanish after few years, but if you cut its outer edges, you still will be able to smell its fragrance. While the fake Camphor sticks are soaked with artificial fragrances, so once you trim it, you won't smell the refreshing natural fragrances.
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